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Chairman Message to NICE Students

Education literally means development of mental and character powers of an individual. History reveals that only those nations and civilizations reached the pinnacles of success and glory that could develop their intellectual, moral and material potential to the utmost. They not only exploited their own potential but were wise enough to learn, acquire and share the knowledge of others. No country or nation can claim to have achieved success in any field without having cue from the achievements of others. An analytical assessment of the progress made by the world proves that it is the accumulative learning and knowledge came from oldest civilizations like Indus, Chinese, Greek, and Mesopotamia, and for now Europeans and other nations which have resulted in transformation of the world into a global village. Progress aside, even to survive in this global village one has to keep pace with the rapid advancement in various sectors, especially in the fields of education. Progress in education today is supposed to be one of flux and endless change. We must equip ourselves to meet the challenges of the changing world. Newports Institute of Communications and Economics have been the key factor for the exponential progress made in the field of science and technology by the developed countries. With a firm belief that an advanced communication system and a sound economy based on physical capital accumulation cannot be a permanent source of growth without human capital, we have embarked upon launching an improved and futuristic education system. Designing a website as this is a step towards achieving compatibility to international standards. We have also inducted a teaching faculty which is endowed with competence and dedication. Our curriculum not only conforms to the official requirements but also meets the challenging needs of the time. Problems of higher education institutes in developing countries are compounded with very poor standards of tertiary education standards. Moreover most of the genuinely qualified students cannot afford the boundless of cost of higher education and thus are denied a chance to prove their worth. NICE has attacked these problems by devising a system to cater for the week but talented students and by awarding free ships and affordable packages for its different programs without compromising the quality of education.

All our sincere efforts can only bear fruit if they are reciprocated by the students. We provide an environment which is congenial to learning, but how best it is utilized depends solely on the students themselves.

I expect students to make full use of all facilities and work hard so that one day they are able to make their family and country proud of them.

Best Wishes
Brig(R) Sadiq Jamal


“A man without Education is like a Building without Foundation




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