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V. Chairperson Message

With the advanced phase of technological advancement one cannot escape the ubiquitous globalization now embracing all aspects of our daily lives. The Newports Institute of Communications & Economics (NICE) is no different to other academic institutions worldwide. We need to have universal focus on thinking innovatively while being dramatically acting to suit the local environment scenario. Modern technological advances in communication had created a virtual space for information sharing, collaboration, debate and intellectual discourse.

Communication through the internet and intranet access is first and foremost important and intended for university’s communication that support in fulfilling the mission and in achieving its objectives.

Careful use and management of worldwide web and all electronic communication tools can have tremendous impact on our virtual space, quality of our teaching–mode of delivery, research and our intellectual discourse. Having realized the need for right infrastructure, the NICE intends to take continuous positive steps towards this end. The website of the NICE serves as a spring board to demonstrate strengths, value added services and also our presence with the international community.

Access to NICE’s communication tools, website and engage in interaction would provide a dynamic support in maintaining institute’s continued eminence and distinguished international reputation.

With these ideas in mind, I warmly welcome all of you who wish to share partnership with the NICE in the creation of invaluable opportunities for information sharing, collaboration and intellectual interaction.

Being as a Director of Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) I am looking this Asian's first Educational Website that is in eight languages and surely it'd become a milestone for all of us to build a bridge between cultures and atmosphere of understanding each other.

One thing more, this is my dream to make guardianship through our innovative and modern cutting edge technology to our unsung heritage, culture and languages by our distinguished institute’s students through their advanced projects.

Best Wishes
Huma Bukhari
Vice Chairman


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