Bachelor Of Arts Degree

Department Introduction:

The Department of Business Administration is continuously performing well within short period of few years has become well established with good reputation and impressive image in the business world. NICE is presently offering a number of programs, namely The Business Administration program is developed to prepare graduates with enhanced skills, knowledge and attributes of the business leadership that will be needed for a successful career and professional accomplishments of task after graduation.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Business Administration is to continuously develop an environment in which all passing out graduates learn to contribute an understanding to solve problems, exercise judgment, make decisions, and to accept challenging responsibilities. The Department of Business Administration has its educational goal of producing Competitive Business Professional and Entrepreneurs who can effectively contribute the knowledge advancement and wellbeing of the country.

Department Objectives

To teach theories and practices which explain its operations.

To introduce decision models and analytical frameworks to meet ethical challenges,

The interdependence of people in a fruitful working environment

To use technologies that stimulates changes to manage an enterprise successfully.

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