Computer Science

Department Introduction:

The Department of Computer Science has its educational goal of producing eminent Computer Science professionals who can effectively contribute to the knowledge advancement and wellbeing of the country. In this modern technological era the Computer Science now become an important tool to handle complex situations and plays a leading role in research activities carried out in all disciplines. The students who will successfully complete their BS degree and interested in higher studies will be welcomed. In the subsequent years NICE is also planning to start research activities to facilitate the students to enroll themselves in MS/Phil and PhD in Pure Computer Science and Applied Computer Science in this regard HEC criteria for admission in said programs be followed in letter and spirit. Our department is expected to play a key role in undergraduate, graduate and post graduate teaching mission of the Institute. At the research level, we focus on different areas of Pure Computer Science and Applied Computer Science. It aims to help students learn and appreciate Computer Science as intellectual discipline and as tools in other areas of endeavor. It strives to develop disciplined but flexible minds capable of logical and critical analysis with the aforesaid efforts. We assure you that the department shall emerge as a center of excellence for graduate, post graduate studies and research activities in the field of Computer Science sciences. The Computer Science program also prepare graduates with enhanced skills, knowledge and attributes that will be needed for a successful career and professional accomplishments of task after graduation.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Computer Science is to develop and offer undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level programs in different fields of computer science with up to date curriculum, continuously improve the faculty and associated human resources, develop computing facilities, research laboratories, library, and other related facilities and services, required for departmental education and research needs and accessible to students to ensure quality undergraduate and graduate education and create an environment conducive to learning, creation of new knowledge and congenial in nature.

Department Objectives

Continue to update the curriculum of existing programs to align it with ever changing Computer Science Technology. Continue to develop faculty resources through fresh hiring, teacher training programs and faculty exchange programs with other institutions to ensure strengthening of our expertise base to meet departmental education and research goals.

Upgrade/ Replace existing computers in departmental computer laboratories to continue to meet curricular requirements of programs being offered.

Constantly upgrade departmental library and book bank to ensure availability of text books, research journals and other reference materials to the computer science students.

Develop new undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs with curriculum based on business and industry needs and HEC recommendations. Upgrade and develop departmental research facilities

Encourage research publications, through in-house research journal publication and partial or full financing of student and faculty research papers in other high impact factor research journals.

Continue to improve curriculum, resources, facilities and student assessment mechanism and based on assessment results and take corrective action Encourage students and faculty to participate in local and international seminars as well as organize in-house, lectures, seminars, conferences, etc.


  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Masters in Computer Science