Department Of Education

Department Introduction:

The Department of Education has its educational goal of producing well-trained and proficient pedagogues who are equip with principles and methods of teaching. These prospect teachers can effectively contribute to the knowledge advancement and wellbeing of the country. In this modern technological era, Education is very critical and important. The prospect teachers who will successfully complete their B.Ed. and M.Ed. degree and interested in higher studies will be welcomed. In the subsequent years NICE is also planning to start research activities to facilitate the prospect teachers to enroll themselves in MS/MPhil and PhD.

Mission Statement

The Department of Education is aimed to provide the high level of quality education to our students with affordable cost. We are determined to promote the fundamental values of our society, research approach, best practices and a comprehensively designed system of education in our country.

Department Objectives

  • To handle the subject matter and its applications in the 21st century.

  • To analyze the implications of teaching and learning processes.

  • To identify the role of a prospective teacher in Community Development at large.

  • To be familiar with the educational setup executed across the borders.


  • B. Ed. Degree Program
  • M. Ed. Degree Program