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Our Future Plans

The Newports Institute of Communications & Economics Future Plan 2013-2020 – NICE’s Future Focus – updates our key strategic priorities to 2018.

While the eight key strategic priorities of the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan have been retained, they are now more tightly linked to, and help characterize the NICE’s 5 main values:

1. Academic Excellence and Impact

2. Inclusiveness and Diversity

3. Integrity and Transparency

4. Effective Stewardship

5. Guardianship of Heritage

Each of the nine key strategic priorities is individually important. More important, however, is the way they interact and combine to advance this Future Plan and our underlying vision of making a real difference to the world in which we live. Our approach over the period of this Plan is to: Differentiate, Focus and Intensify our activities.

• We aim to transform the lives of individuals and communities and to find ethical and innovative solutions to make a positive difference to society’s most challenging problems.
• To become the leading business school in Pakistan by providing highest standards of quality business education in the field of Business Administration, Information Technology, Education, Technology and Social Sciences.
• To provide our students with equal growth and learning opportunities by developing interpersonal, communication, and leadership competencies that form the basis of a highly professional and quality business graduate.
• To expand the horizon of quality business education by continuous incorporation of new and innovative academic studies such as human resource management, hospitality management, and health services administration.
• To provide state-of-the-art research facilities to our students in their areas of interests and specialization.
• Acquaint students with the broad ramification of theory and application techniques in their chosen fields of study.
• To focus on the basic values of hard work, self-determination, personal integrity, professional attitude and character building for producing socially responsible and dynamic business leaders.
• To provide a congenial academic environment and an exhilarating campus life.
• To spread the message of knowledge, wisdom, and awareness throughout the country by opening new campuses of NICE in other cities of Pakistan.