Library Facilty

NICE has developed its library to cater to the requirements of its students by assisting and guiding them to enhance their studies and research through books and research journals. NICE Library includes a wide collection of reference books, research journals and other publications offering a huge treasure of enriched knowledge to its students.

NICE library more than 6000 books, countless eBooks and subscription of 13 well known journals. Students can easily access journal database online and library is also connected to HEC digital library that provides online access to a huge database of eBooks, journals and publications. In addition, to further facilitate students we are in the process of developing book bank.

NICE Library also subscribes to a number of magazines to update student’s knowledge on the current developments taking place nationally and internationally. NICE also frequently improves its library by the addition of an extensive variety of quality books that can cater the needs of the students and its faculty.