Why Choose NICE

Institute’s location is Central Karachi is fundamental to its identity. When you choose to be a Graduate at NICE, you are choosing not only a course of study, but a place to study and work for four years.

NICE looks out over the Karachi skyline, rather than over green fields. It is stimulating cosmopolitan and very much a part of the real world.

These qualities derive from the variety of its staff and students from its active academic debate on current social, economic and technological concerns, and from the easy interchange of ideas between the institutes and the world outside.

Each year, there are many influential outside speakers at the institute (business leaders, industrialists, technocrats) as well as leading academics from all around the world who visit to participate in teaching, to give public lectures and to pursue their own research.

NICE is compact and full to the brim with students and staff, this just contributes to the vitality and friendliness of the place.

NICE offers you the opportunity and the challenge to study different ways of understanding human society together with people from all parts of the country, with radically differing experiences, views and beliefs, in an atmosphere that encourages you to question ideas and to seek solutions to problems. If you welcome the stimulus of new experiences and ideas in lively capital city, then choose NICE.